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World Peace Vigil 8/6/14 Bellport, NY
My party has lost its soul: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the victory of Wall Street Democrats
Bill Curry, salon.com
A former Clinton aide on how Democrats lost their way chasing Wall Street cash, and new populism the party needs1.In 2006 the Atlantic mag­a­zine asked a panel of “emi­nent his­to­ri­ans” to name the 100 most influ­en­tial peo­ple in Amer­i­…

Why I left the Democratic Party
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Women Penalized for Promoting Women, Study Finds
Remembrances of Charlie Haden
Portside, portside.org
Remarks by Georgetown University professor Maurice Jackson at memorial for Charlie Haden, Los Angeles, July 20, 2014. Jackson spoke at the memorial for jazz legend Charlie Haden at the request of his widow, Ruth Cameron.I first met Charlie Haden i…

Remembrances of Charlie Haden #jazz #music #justice
The local bagel place served us blue pancakes & a rye bagel in the key of E. #music #food
Even frozen Pizza tastes gourmet tomatoes and basil from your CSA #organic #biophilia #locavore #Riverhead #peconic
Green Party Candidate for Governor Wants Investigation into Cuomo, Moreland
The Proven Superiority Of Nonviolent Resistance
Alex Knapp, forbes.com
“There are many caus­es that I am pre­pared to die for, but no caus­es that I am pre­pared to kill for.” - Mahat­ma Gand­hiErica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan have writ­ten an excel­lent arti­cle in For­eign Affairs th…

Forbes: The Proven Superiority Of Nonviolent Resistance
American Civil Liberties Union of New York State